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Whitmer Up 11 In New MIRS/GCSI/Life Insurance Association of Michigan Poll

09/20/22 09:25 AM By Team MIRS

(Source: MIRS.news, Published 09/19/2022) A new survey released today shows that Gov. Gretchen WHITMER is holding an 11% lead over GOP gubernatorial nominee Tudor DIXON. The survey, jointly commissioned by MIRS, Governmental Consultant Services Inc., and the Life Insurance Association of Michigan was conducted by the Lansing-based polling firm of EPIC/MRA. 


“Gretchen Whitmer’s favorability number, at 51%, mirrors the vote she gets against Tudor Dixon at 51% to 40%, an 11-point lead,” said Bernie PORN, president of EPIC/MRA. 


The poll found Whitmer had the strongest base of support among the top three statewide elected officeholders. 


“Gretchen Whitmer, with a 51% to 45% favorable rating, Jocelyn BENSON, with a 33% to 22% favorable rating, and Dana NESSEL, with a 31% to 28% favorable rating, are the only political figures tested with favorable ratings above water from Michigan voters,” Porn noted. 


In head to heads with their GOP rivals, Benson and Nessel fall below the 50% support mark but maintain an 8 point lead over opponents (48 to 40%). 


“This suggests that voters are consistently supporting the Democratic incumbents at the top of the ticket, at least at this point in the campaign,” Porn told MIRS


Republican Attorney General nominee Matt DePERNO and Secretary of State nominee Kristina KARAMO are also struggling with name identification among voters with eight weeks to go before the the general election. 


“8-in-10 Michigan voters still do not recognize the names of Matt DePerno or Kristina Karamo, and both are underwater with higher unfavorable than favorable ratings – unchanged from the previous EPIC-MRA August poll,” Porn noted. 


 All three Democratic officeholders are also winning the majority of independent voters. 


“Partisan identification is even-up at 39% Democratic and 39% Republican, which means Tudor Dixon, Matt DePerno and Kristina Karamo, at 40% each, are only running slightly above their party base, especially DePerno and Karamo (with 80% not knowing them),” Porn explains. “That means that Whitmer, Benson and Nessel are capturing a majority of Independent voters to be running that well above the Democratic Party base to earn 48% to 51% of the total vote.”  


Among independents, Whitmer is capturing 58% to Dixon’s 29%, Nessel and Benson are capturing 50% to their opponents 28%. In the gubernatorial race, Whitmer is supported by 92% of Democrats to 80% of Republicans who back Dixon. 


On a gender basis, Whitmer is winning among women 59% to 33% and Dixon is winning among men, 47% to 43%. 


Across the state’s various regions, Whitmer is carrying Wayne, Oakland and Macomb 62% to 30%, outer metro Detroit 53% to 36%, western Michigan 50% to 36% and the Bay Area 49% to 35%. Dixon is carrying Northern Michigan 68% to 26% and central Michigan 49% to 41%. 


Reproductive Rights Supporters More Likely To Earn Voters’ Support

Another positive sign for the three Democratic statewide elected officials is that they are on the same side as a majority of voters when it comes to reproductive rights. 


The EPIC/MRA survey found that 74% of all Democrats, and 60% of independents support the Reproductive Rights proposal that will appear on the ballot. Republicans are split on the proposal with 36% in support and 36% opposed. 


The poll found that currently 56% will vote yes on the proposal and 23% are opposed with 21% undecided. 


When asked if they are more or less likely to vote for supporters of reproductive rights, 47% said they were more likely with 21% saying they were less likely and 22% saying it made no difference to their support of a candidate. 


Promote The Vote/Term Limits Reform Garner Over 60% Support

The Promote the Vote ballot proposal is currently enjoying support from 61% of votes with 17% opposed. Among Democrats, 81% support the proposal while 41% of Republicans support it. A total of 61% of independents are in favor. 


The legislatively initiated ballot proposal to reform term limits and require office holder financial disclosures is supported by 62% of voters and opposed by 17%. On a party basis, the proposal is supported by 69% of Democrats, 58% of Republicans and 59% of independents.