Michigan Information & Research Service Inc.
Michigan Information & Research Service Inc.

From Real Time Floor Reports To Daily Headlines And More

Yes, MIRS provides great capitol news coverage and legislative tracking tools.  But there's so much more to our service . , ,

Headlines from around the state, emailed to your inbox 365 days a year.  Over 20 outlets scanned for articles of interest to the public affairs community.

Every Press Release We Get - Subscribers Can Review, Research And Be Alerted To

Full text searchable - MIRS' press release archives go back to 2009 and contain well over 100,000 Michigan political and public policy press releases.  We even help you set up key word and key phrases so you're alerted within moments of our receiving a press release with your key word or key phrase!

Waiting for something to happen on the floor?  Our team inputs legislation as it moves, making our reports real time - click a House or Senate Action report to check in on in-session floor action.