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Why The Loss Of 6,000 Kids In K-12?

04/14/23 09:55 AM By Team MIRS

(Source: MIRS.news, Published 04/12/23) How Is It That Michigan Schools Are Seeing About 6,000 Fewer K-12 Students This Year Than Last Year? 


"Most Of It Is Related To Birth Rate Decline In Michigan," Said Don Wotruba, Executive Director Of The Michigan Association Of School Boards, Adding That This Is Not Unique To Michigan.


"Birth Rates Are Going Down Everywhere, Including Europe. It Is The Nature Of Families. And, More And More You Have People Who Don't Have Children."


About 2,500 Of Those Who Did Not Attend Public School Did Transfer To Private Schools. Another Number Of Note Is That The Year Before COVID-19, The K-12 System Saw 10,000 Vacancies. Hence, The 6,000 Figure Shows The Challenge Is Not Getting Worse.


Wotruba Said He Does Not Believe The Quality Of Education Will Be Impacted But, "What It Really Means Is The Number Of People We'll Have To Fill Jobs In Michigan Down The Road As They Get Out Of School (Will Be Lower) And That's A Problem For Everybody."


His Solution Is A Heads Up To The Legislature To Adopt Policies That Will Resonate With Those 20-Year-Olds Graduating From College Who Have The Whole World As A Job Option.


He Added That The State Must Both "Attract New People To Move Here While Keeping The Kids Who Graduate From Our Schools In Our State."


Currently, 40% Of Those Are Walking Off The Stage With A Diploma And Walking Into Another State To Work.