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Outside Group Puts $2M Behind DePerno; Benson On-Air Spending Dwarfs Karamo

10/19/22 11:13 AM By Team MIRS

(Source: MIRS.news, Published 10/18/2022) It appears at least one outside group is seeing possibilities with Attorney General nominee Matt DePerno, but maybe not for Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo.


DePerno's campaign today placed $199,000 on Grand Rapids and Lansing broadcast for the two weeks prior to the election. This is on top of a $2.09 million spend a group called "Michigan For Freedom" bought for the Detroit and Grand Rapids markets, according to information collected by AdImpact.


Michigan for Freedom is starting its run Wednesday. It's running until Election Day.


Polling released Monday from The White Law Firm and the Michigan Association of Broadcasters is showing a two-point race between the Republican and incumbent Dana Nessel (45.3% to 43.3%) (See "Cygnal Poll Finds Whitmer Up 48.7% to 43.6%," 10/17/22).


Despite the spend, Nessel and Democratic interests have put more money on the air, $5.4 million to $2.33 million. Nessel is getting support from the Democratic Attorney Generals Association ($1.9 million) and the Protect the People PAC ($272,993).


Meanwhile, the same poll conducted by Cygnal showed Jocelyn Benson up 48% to 42.3%.


Benson and the Democratic interests Women Vote!, iVote, Safe Michigan and End Citizens United have joined with Benson's $3 million spend to put $10 million in advertising in support of the incumbent.


Karamo has managed $89,105 and received no air support from any other outside interests.