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Luntz: Republicans Turning Their Backs On 11th Commandment

04/21/22 02:06 PM By Vicki Miller

(Source: MIRS.news, Published 04/20/2022) The success of the Republican Party in the upcoming general election will depend on their behavior in the primary, according to Frank Luntz, a political consultant and pollster.


Ahead of his keynote speech for the Michigan Political Leadership Program's annual fundraising dinner, Luntz said the question weighing on Republicans is, "How brutal and vicious is the primary?"


The answer? "We don't know," he said.


The way the party behaves internally has been changed by former President Donald Trump, not always with a positive result, he said.


"I grew up under a Reagan philosophy, of the 11th Commandment," Luntz said. "Thou shalt not attack another Republican."


But that philosophy has changed for the party.


"Under Donald Trump, it's exactly the opposite," he said. "Their opponent is often not the Democrat. It's the other Republican."


Luntz said this attitude could be harmful to the party.


The success of Trump's methods could be revealed at the upcoming Michigan Endorsement Convention, depending on if his endorsements are chosen, Luntz said.


Ahead of this Saturday's endorsement convention, Trump has voiced his support for Matt DePerno for Attorney General and Kristina Karamo for Secretary of State.


In fact, Wednesday evening, Trump held a tele-rally with DePerno for delegates.


If his endorsements aren't echoed at the convention, this could have "a significant impact on his own reputation," Luntz said.


Luntz said the former President touts an inaccurate perfect record, but his endorsement still matters more than any other living Republican right now.


"Trump is the most powerful political figure among Republicans," Luntz said. "But if his candidates start to lose, then the sheen wears off, and it will be harmful to him if he seeks office two years from now."


Trump needs to win key industrial Midwest states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin if he runs in 2024, Luntz said. "And if he has people in high positions of power, he's more likely to get their support."


Schuitmaker Keeping Convention Choice Private


Yes, former GOP Attorney General candidate Tonya Schuitmaker will be at the Republican endorsement convention this weekend as a voting delegate.


No, she is not showing her hand as to whom will get her support in the first round of balloting for Attorney General.


After Wednesday night's MPLP dinner, MIRS caught up with Schuitmaker -- a new MPLP co-chair -- to ask the question many are curious to ask.


Remember, four years ago it was Schuitmaker who was running against Tom Leonard for the Republican Party's Attorney General nomination in a contentious race.


But she's conceded her race was nothing like this year's convention battle with Matt DePerno, Leonard and Rep. Ryan Berman. She said her mailbox has been awash in fliers, many of which are negative.


From an outsider's perspective, Schuitmaker has not embraced the election conspiracy movement that Trump and DePerno have perpetuated, but has she buried the hatchet after the 2018 race with Leonard?


It's worth noting that in the tail-end of her state Senate tenure, Schuitmaker made cracking down on serial sexual assailants like Larry Nassar a priority. Berman has made eliminating the statute of limitation on sexual assault cases one of his priorities in the House.


Could this be the way she's going? We may never know for sure.