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Local Ballots Approve Nearly $1 Billion In Property Taxes, Bonds So Far

11/09/22 04:50 PM By Team MIRS

(Source: MIRS.news, Published 11/09/2022) Voters across the state Tuesday approved nearly $1 billion in new and renewed property taxes and bonds for schools, roads, fire and police departments.


Of the 38 bonding issues, 18 passed for a total of nearly $565 million.  Another 12 have failed.


 Troy School District, in Oakland County, was still outstanding as the largest of the bond issues at $555 million. 


The largest non-school bonding issue, which was also still waiting results, was $175 million for Lansing to construct police buildings throughout the city.


Counties and cities saw 70 of the 144 millage increases pass so far, but at least 47 millage restorations and other money ask questions have failed.


The most money gained from a property tax hike also passed in Oakland County, where raising the millage by half a point resulted in nearly $6.2 million being collected for the bus service.


There were 81 of the 127 millage renewals passed Tuesday, so far.


The largest amount of money for a millage renewal was also for public transportation in next-door Macomb County where nearly $31.2 million was still being tallied.


Out of the 91 millage restorations, there were 49 that passed so far.


Waterford School District, in Oakland County, which was still being looked at, was the largest monetary amount for a millage restoration, which prevents Headlee Amendment tax rollbacks from happening.  The district asked for more than $13.9 million.


Local school districts also saw 18 sinking fund taxes up for consideration and saw seven pass, as of Wednesday morning.


The largest was in Oakland County where the Royal Oak Schools sinking fund worth more than $3.4 million was still being counted.